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Our Story!

At Diamond Elite, our vision is to provide natural, organic health products to those who desire a better, healthier life!  We utilize FDA approved labs to produce and provide all-natural health supplements that are scientifically proven, instead of wasting money on toxins that show no results. Founded in October of 2015, Diamond Elite Health Products has grown month over month!

We are currently a leading, and very established health brand on Amazon. Our customer service, designs, and quality products set us apart from the rest of the competition. In addition, we have several products that are Amazon bestsellers. Because of our immense growth and the demand for our products, we are seeking to further expand our product line, to get into other distribution channels such as wholesaling, trade shows, retail, and other online channels and make sure we don’t run out of inventory for our current products. 

About the owner

Richard Wright, Founder and CEO

Growing up as a child, good health was not addressed and much less stressed in our household. Fortunately, I found sports at an early age and with childhood dreams of one day being a professional football player, this required me to be much more health conscious than I had been taught or shown. I had to learn on my own the importance of a good diet and exercise, staying away from drugs and excessive alcohol if I was to realize my dream. Forming these good habits helped me to continue with a healthy lifestyle well into my adult years. Unfortunately, my family was not so fortunate. I watched as my parents continued their unhealthy lifestyle, extremely poor eating habits, no exercise and excessive alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, this led to both my parents being extremely overweight with my father surpassing 300 lbs most of my adult life and ultimately me losing both of them to cancer at very early ages.

This past year, I lost my younger sister as well. While she was not overweight, she had always fought a myriad of illnesses to include cancer and heart problems. After losing my parents, I realized that more people needed to be aware of the dangers of a poor lifestyle and the effects it has on our health. I envisioned to embody bringing this awareness to the public by offering education, and only the best natural ingredients to formulate health supplements that not only work but are affordable as well. Initially, we focused primarily on weight loss; however, after losing my sister, who wasn't overweight, I realized that people needed much more than just weight loss supplements. They needed education and more well-rounded overall health products. I envisioned creating a company that could fulfill these needs. And that is exactly what I did. Out of my childhood education to losing my parents and sister, Diamond Elite was born.

Since the launch of the company in October of 2015, along with my amazing team, I have been able to grow this company from a ground floor start-up to a company that has grown exponentially. This year, I hope to take the company to the next level! Help us realize these dreams and help others realize greater health in the process!