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The Scoop on Weight Loss Plans You Can Actually Follow

November 10, 2017

We’re all for healthy living, but we’ll go right ahead and admit that, unless you’re predisposed to that sort of thing (jealous!), it can be hard to switch gears from your regular ways into full-on healthy mode. Weight loss plans especially can be difficult—we’ve all wanted to lose five pounds from time to time, but crazy crash dieting and food restrictions almost always end in disaster (and weight gain). When it comes to weight loss plans you can actually follow, they’re few and far between, so rather than subscribe to a ridiculous standard, give these simple tips a try instead. A small lifestyle change alone can mean the difference between going up a pants size or fitting into your skinny jeans.

Eat one 6 oz. serving of meat, like chicken, turkey, or fish per day.

If you’re a vegetarian, opt for 6 oz. of your usual non-animal protein instead, preferably something that’s soy-based (it’s a healthy fat!). Protein boosts energy and helps you stay satisfied, but doesn’t turn into sugar, like carbs will.

Cut down on simple carbs and starches.
Carbs are not the enemy, but when you’re trying to lose weight, white flour should be avoided. Simple carbohydrates mess with your blood sugar, which is a surefire way to gain unwanted weight. We’re all for the baguette or the sushi roll once in a while—but when quick, easy weight loss is your goal, steer clear.

Indulge in healthy fats in moderation.
The term “healthy fats” is music to our ears. Avocado, olive oil, nuts, fatty fishes, and the like all fit perfectly into most weight loss plans, and they have major beauty benefits, too. Just enjoy them in moderation and don’t overindulge.

Fill up on low-glycemic vegetables.
They say you can never have too much of a good thing, but it’s rarely true—except in the case of low-glycemic vegetables. You can eat as many of them as you want, whenever you want, without negatively affecting your diet plan. Packed with fiber, protein, and flavor, low-glycemic vegetables, like artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, and more, are a dieter’s dream.

Drink plenty of water.
It’s a major cliche, but hydration keeps things moving and allows your body, including your digestive system, to function as best it can. It can also suppress errant food cravings, because half the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re just thirsty or bored.

Keep moving.
If the word “exercise” alone makes you want to reach for the potato chips and remote control in a kind of Hail Mary, you’re certainly not alone, but the best thing you can do for yourself is just keep moving any way you can, even if it doesn’t involve hitting the gym. Walking, going for a bike ride, playing frisbee, tossing the tennis ball for your dog—whatever it is, just do it.

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