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Research Shows Brisk Walks Could Be the Secret to Weight Loss

November 10, 2017

Bad news for anyone who spends a significant chunk of cash every month paying off a gym membership or signing up for luxury spin classes: Research by the London School of Economics has discovered that brisk walking is better for keeping weight off than going to the gym. We like the sound of this.

The article, which is due to be published in the scientific journal Risk Analysis, based its findings on physical activity levels from the annual Health Survey for England between 1999 and 2012. Study participants who were in the habit of walking for more than 30 minutes on a regular basis had lower BMIs—and smaller waists—than those who participated in vigorous, high-impact workouts like jogging or cycling.

As such, the study is likely to be a catalyst for promoting a campaign that backs the health benefits of walking as a more effective way to address the public and tackle obesity. We’d have to agree: The idea of a 45-minute power walk each day is much easier to swallow than a total diet-and-fitness overhaul. If you’re struggling to find a workout routine that suits you, it may just be time to strap on your Nikes and hit the pavement. At a reasonable medium pace, of course.

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