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New Years resolution: Lose weight by following an easy healthy tips

December 31, 2019

Here's a healthy eating plan & simple fitness tips to help change stress related eating into healthy eating habits – to make your New Years resolution a success!

With the holidays almost over, visions of turkey, gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie might be dancing in your head, but don't let all the healthy eating habits you've cultivated this year go to "waist." There is a sensible way to navigate the season's parties and dinners and still stay true to your healthy eating plan and fitness goals. Following this combination of smart diet and workout fitness tips – and following these stress related eating tips – will help ensure that the only thing getting stuffed this holiday season is the bird.

Healthy Eating Plan

• Be thankful. Take a minute to recognize the positive things you've done for yourself such as quitting smoking, boosting healthy eating habits, or joining a gym. It can help you battle weak moments when you want to skip your fitness workouts or take home all the leftovers.

• Set the stage. You know you're headed to your Great-Aunt Doris's for New Years dinner, and you can't wait to dig into her garlic mashed potatoes. So why not lift weights or go for a run beforehand? Not only is it an excellent way to show your body a little gratitude for getting you through the year, it adds a bit more caloric room in your healthy eating plan for splurges.

Stress Related Eating

• Separate food from family. No, I don't mean you shouldn't eat and celebrate with everyone; just don't let all those family issues that tend to crop up at this time of year cause stress related eating habits to interfere with your wellness goals. Overeating because you're anxious, nervous, stressed, or angry hurts only you. Try to keep your thoughts about--and reactions to--your family and friends independent of your enjoyment of food.

• Never go to a party hungry. That's not to say you should have two dinners, but by practicing healthy eating habits by eating a small protein-packed meal at home, such as half a peanut butter sandwich, will keep you from stalking the buffet.

Fitness Tips

• Rethink exercise. Some people just give up on working out until January, while others get stressed trying to rigidly stick with what they've done all year long. Neither approach is realistic. You need exercise to help you combat the stress, stress related eating, and weight gain that come with the season. Instead of trying to squeeze in your hour-long workouts, do what you can--even if it's only five, 10, or 20 minutes. Everything counts!

Following these healthy eating habits and fitness tips will help you achieve your New Years resolution.

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