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How to turn negative thoughts around

November 03, 2021

Hi friends,

Prior to the Pilates Strong challenge, I had an evening photo shoot on the beach. This is something I do regularly for upcoming workouts, challenges, and blog posts.

And occasionally when I have a shoot coming up…the old thoughts start to creep in.

Thoughts about how my body will look on camera, how much I have/have not been working out, where I’m at on my postpartum journey, what I should/shouldn’t eat the day of the shoot, etc.

Years ago, when I lived in a place of constant dissatisfaction with my body (prior to starting The Balanced Life), these thoughts had power. They dictated my behavior, the way I felt about myself, and what I thought to be true. These days, they still try to creep back in on occasion – but the difference is, they no longer hold power over me.

These days…

  • I notice them,
  • I acknowledge them,
  • and I remind myself of my worth, my purpose, and what REALLY matters.

And then I choose a different way of thinking.

And then I choose a different way of thinking. I choose to appreciate and celebrate the body I have been given and show up, just as I am, to teach Pilates and encourage others to show up just as they are too.

I share this to remind you that the journey towards freedom in body image doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted to go back to your old ways.

When you believe negative thoughts or lies for years or decades, they are deeply ingrained and the process of rewiring our brain and changing our thoughts takes time.

But it CAN be done and it is SO worth it.

So as we head into a new season…let’s continue to notice those lies (the shape/size of our body does NOT define our health, worth, talent, etc.), stop them, and replace them with the truth: that our bodies are incredible gifts to care for, celebrate, and appreciate.

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