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May 15, 2017

With purpose to eliminate the pain in the back you need to exercise regular. The fast life that we are leading nowadays  you can’t avoid neck pain.

In the mattress is longer than 5 years  you will have to get a new one. It will improve your back, and you will not have the pain.

You need to walk minimum 30 minutes on a daily basic.

You can’t lift heavi objects  because it will ruin your spin and you can cause yourself several problems.

Back pain can be caused by different reasons and factors, but also it wo’t stop here, it will spread on:

  • Dislocation
  • Stretching
  • Fractures bones in the hand
  • Stiffly shoulders\Unstable shoulder joints
  • Possible Causes of the Spread of Neck Pain

It can be either acut and chronic. That is the most common reason which will cause neck pain.

The reasons can lead to stretching and cramping of neck muscles:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor posture while sitting
  • Poor posture while sleeping
  • Long term sitting

In addition  to this post we are going to present you the cure for back pain which you can make it at your home.

You need to apply hot or cold on the problematic area. The procedure need to be repeated  on 2 or 3  hours. It will reduce the pain.

You need to do some proper exercises.  You need to walk every day and it need to became your routine.

You can also practice a massage, it will always help you and relax you.

Change the position in which you sleep and the pillow you sleep on.Use feather pillow to be formed according to the shape of your head and neck. Another option is a pillow with memory foam, which also adapts to the shape of the head and neck.

Note that after a period of time the pillows with feathers fade and they should be changed.

Avoid pillows that are very hard and high, because they are”fixed” in the neck at night, and it can result in neck pain.If you sleep aside, it is possible to prevent curvature of the spine. Therefore, use a pillow that the neck is higher than the area where the head is set.

During long trips, it is possible to fall asleep, you can take with you adequate cushion (in the form of a horseshoe) to provide good support to the head and neck.

You need to eliminate the stress because it will help you to think on positive things and forget and eliminate the pain.

You can also practice meditation and yoga.


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