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How to burn an extra 168 calories a day – without exercising

January 30, 2017

Like most people I desperately want to be fit and healthy, but I'm also a tad lazy when it comes to exercise.

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is hit the sweaty, packed gym. Sound familiar?

What if I told you, you could burn an extra 650 calories a week without doing any exercise.

Cewgum. A super easy way to burn some extra calories is popping few pieces of gum now and then. The act of chewing  keeps your jaw muscles moving and-not only you be burning calories- you 'll stop yourself from consuming more calories.

Using a standup desk like Varidesk can help office-bound coach potatoes burn an alarming amount of calories.

The average person burns 2.6 calories a minute sitting, compared to 3.3 calories a minute while standing.

This means if you stand for just four hours a day you burn 168 extra calories. And over time these calories add up.

You might not be able to imagine running a marathon or even a 5k, but standing up at the office can equate to huge fat-burn over time.

In a five-day week you will burn 650 calories – the equivalent of doing a 10K run.

The average working man or women will work around 50 weeks year. If you stand for half the time, this equates to running 11 marathons burning a total of 32,500 calories.

But it's not all about calorie burn, there are endless health benefits to using a Varidesk. This is because sitting for more than six hours a day can make you 18% more likely so suffer with diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The positives don't stop there as standing up can also help relive pain points within the body as it helps the neck by matching your natural gaze towards your computer screen without stooping your neck or shoulders.

The height adjustable mount can easily be lowered and raised if you do want to sit down. And if you're worried about diminishing productivity you'll be pleased to hear that standing up has been proven to increase productivity by 46%.

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