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Gain Youthful Mobility, Heal Painful Joints, Burn Calories & Strengthen Muscles Right From The Comfort Of Your Home

January 09, 2019

Dear health-conscious reader,

When you read the promise of adding years to your life, in the back of your mind you’re probably thinking about your death.

The thought doesn’t have to be sad or morbid. The fact of our death should be inspiration for us to live to our full potential.

Don’t wait to start living!

If you’re spending your life in pain, slow and immobile – or if you struggle with some excess weight or weak/sore muscle, there is a way to fix it.

You can still live up to your full potential. And you can start today.

There’s a simple way for you to unlock the sore, crusted-shut joints that are stopping you from being your most mobile and energized self.

There’s a simple way to effortlessly build lean muscle and burn fat, right from home…

And none of this requires a trainer, a gym membership or some expensive piece of equipment that will sit in your basement collecting dust.

All you need is one special tool.

Your doctor may have told you about this first. I’m going to explain step-by-step how to use this thing, plus I’ll go in detail about how it’s affecting your body and how it can add YEARS to your lifespan…

Live A Long, Pain-Free Life
(And Look Great Doing It)

Truthfully, some doctors don’t know about this just yet. But the ones who did gave us two thumbs up, a solid recommendation and new tool guaranteed to change peoples’ health and quality of life.

It’s our mission, and it’s always been our mission, to make a change in the world for the better. We came to the conclusion the majority of people have 3 basic desires which we could satisfy.

We spent many hours of searching to find something that could:

  • tick-arrowHelp people live as long and healthy as possible
  • tick-arrowHelp people live pain-free
  • tick-arrowHelp people look the way they want and feel good about their bodies

So, our team thought long and hard about how we could reduce peoples’ suffering, help them live longer and help them sculpt their bodies to look any way they wanted.

Still wondering what it is?

Let’s just say once you learn how to use this thing and give it a few weeks to see the results, you’ll be writing in to tell our team thank you. This could seriously add years to your life, plus it’s guaranteed to end your joint painstrengthen your muscles and burn fat from unwanted areas.


  • tick-arrowUnlock Youthful Mobility: Open and unlock your hips, and become more flexible than you ever thought possible.
  • tick-arrowEnd Joint Pain & Muscle Fatigue: Stretch away the pain and put end to sore joint, muscles and knots for good.
  • tick-arrowFeel 20 Years Younger: Benefit from boosted energy levels and sharp mental clarity.
  • tick-arrowSculpt Your Abs, Arms & Butt: Effective for both lower and upper body training.
  • tick-arrowUnique Band Technology: Uses snap-resistant, super durable elastic latex to boost your flexibility and get you the body you deserve.
  • tick-arrowUse ANYWHERE: Effective for both lower and upper body training.

How This Resistance Band Will
Add YEARS To Your Life

As a health conscious individual, you should be doing physical activity at least 5 times every single week. That doesn’t mean you have to hit the treadmill or lift heavy weights.

By using this resistance band at a moderate level you can:

  • tick-arrowImprove Blood Circulation (thereby reducing the risk of heart disease)
  • tick-arrowKeep Weight Under Control
  • tick-arrowBoost Energy Levels
  • tick-arrowImprove Blood Cholesterol Levels
  • tick-arrowPrevent and Manage High Blood Pressure
  • tick-arrowIncreases Muscle Strength
  • tick-arrowPrevent Bone Loss
  • tick-arrowManage Stress
  • tick-arrowFall Asleep Faster and Sleep More Soundly
  • tick-arrowRelease Tension
  • tick-arrowSoothe and Heal Joint Pain
  • tick-arrowRegain Enthusiasm and Optimism
  • tick-arrowCounter Anxiety and Depression
  • tick-arrowImproves Self-Image
  • tick-arrowHelp in the Battle to Quit Smoking
  • tick-arrowHelp Delay or Prevent Chronic Illnesses and Diseases Associated with Aging
Burn Fat

Burn calories and slim down at a faster rate. Our signature blend contains natural metabolism boosters which help your body get rid of those extra pounds!

Fight Cellulite

With these specially designed mini bands you can boost circulation to your butt, thighs and other muscles that remain active during the day and overcome the chemical process that creates cellulite.

Release Toxins

The Perform Better mini bands can be used anywhere. From sitting in a chair, to watching tv on the couch or even laying on your stomach. It’s almost impossible to find a situation where these can’t be used.

These bands were first introduced to athletes for rehabbing injuries. Doctors then noticed the incredible benefits people received when it came to reduced joint pain and improved flexibility.

Soon after people put down the weights and got off the treadmills to put together entire workout routines using only these resistance bands.

Men and women over the age of 45 started to find they preferred these bands compared to traditional workout routines. The bands apply just the right amount of pressure on your joints and muscles, turning what some call a “workout” into a relaxing routine.

Kiss Joint Pain & Tight
Muscles Goodbye Forever

Fascia is a layer in between your skin and muscles.

Every bit of you is encased in it.

When your fascia is healthy, it's smooth and supple, allowing you to move and stretch to your full length in any direction, always returning back to its normal state.

Both over activity and lack of activity will cement fibers inside your fascia.

Chronic stress causes the fibers to thicken in an attempt to protect the underlying muscle.

Lack of activity causes fibers to go dormant.

Poor posture and lack of flexibility and repetitive movements pull the fascia into ingrained patterns.

By targeting specific areas of the fascial system with the right amount of pressure, it will strengthen the fibers and provide pain relief for muscles and joints.


The Perform Better Resistance Bands allows you to perform exercises with the perfect amount of pressure, ensuring that your muscle fibers are being stimulated, but not over stressing them.

If you're suffering from restricted flexibility and movement, this is the perfect way for you to return to normal movement and greater function.

You'll also experience an improvement in your skeletal and muscular alignment.

These bands are popularly recommended for folks over 40 because it gives them the most benefit, but don’t be fooled – these bands are also used by talented young athletes around the world.

How To Use This  Resistance Band To
Sculpt The Body Of Your

With this special resistance band you can hit every muscle group with 8 easy workouts. And you can do it right from your living room!

Do this routine on a regular basis to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted:

1. Standing Kickbacks

  • Stand in front of a chair (for balance) with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Place your mini precision loop band right above your ankles
  • Lift your right leg behind you, keeping the leg straight. Remember to squeeze your glutes as you lift.
  • Lower your right leg, and repeat the motion eight times. Switch sides and repeat!

2. Standing Abductor Lift

  • Stand beside a chair (for balance) with feet shoulder-width apart
  • Place your mini exercise band right above your ankles
  • Lift your right leg to your side and squeeze your glutes as you lift
  • Lower your right leg, and repeat the motion eight times. Switch sides and repeat!

3. Lying Abductor Lift

  • Lie on your left side with your legs straight
  • Place your mini precision loop band right above your ankles
  • Lift your right leg, keeping the leg straight
  • Lower your right leg, and repeat the motion eight times. Switch sides and repeat!

4. Plank Kickback

  • Place your mini exercise band around your thighs (just above the knee), and get into the plank position with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Lift your right leg, keeping your leg straight, as high as you can
  • Lower your right leg, and repeat the motion eight times. Switch sides and repeat!

5. Glute Bridge Hold

  • Place your mini band just above your knees, and lie on your back with your knees bent
  • Lift your hips, squeeze those glutes, and hold
  • Lower your hips and repeat the motion

6. Bicep Curls

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and wrap a mini band around your wrists, holding your wrists shoulder-width apart
  • Lower your arms and curl up. Repeat the motion

7. Lateral Shuffle

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees
  • Place your mini loop band just above your ankles
  • Step out to the right, followed by your left, and shuffle along so you’re still feeling the resistance
  • After 10 steps, switch to stepping out to the left, first

8. Bicycle Ab Crunches

  • Place your mini loop band around your feet
  • Lie on the floor and place your hands behind your head and rest your feet on the ground
  • Squeeze your abdominals as you simultaneously lift your upper back and legs from the ground
  • Push and pull your legs back and forth to create the pedaling motion while turning your elbows to face the leg with the bent knee
  • Repeat!

This routine is easy, fun and anyone can do it. After a month or so of using the band, you’ll be on the path to better living.

Remember – consistency is key!

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