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8 Tiny Changes That Could Help You Lose Weight

June 17, 2019

So you want to lose a couple pounds but aren’t that committed to overhauling your entire diet and workout routine and life. (Listen, we’re all a little lazy sometimes.) That’s when you turn to these super-easy, barely noticeable changes that will help you slim down a bit with minimal effort.

weightloss coffee


If you can’t get through the day without a cup of joe, take a long, hard look at your daily order. Instead of a large latte with sugary syrup, try drinking black coffee or at least skip one of the added elements (cream or sugar). If your source of caffeine is a little more negotiable, consider switching to green tea. Studies, like this one from the American Physiological Society, have shown that people who drink green tea have lower BMIs and less body fat.

weightloss groceries


There are two golden rules you should follow when grocery shopping: 1.) Never hit the store without an exact list, and 2.) never go food shopping on an empty stomach. The list will ensure that you don’t overload your cart with unhealthy impulse treats, and the not-so-empty stomach will also make you less likely to go crazy in the snack aisle.

weightloss lemon


Next time you’re making said grocery list, add lemons, which should then be squeezed into your water throughout the day. The citrus has diuretic properties (meaning you’ll go to the bathroom more and bloat less) and may also cause a brief spike in your metabolic rate.

weightloss boxing


Instead of hitting up your favorite bar with your pals post-work, give a new group fitness class a go. We’re not suggesting replacing every social interaction with a sweat sesh, but once in a while, swap your vodka soda for an invigorating Beyoncé dance class or some stress-releasing boxing. Your girls will also thank you for planning a good time.

weightloss gymbag


You had every intention of hitting the gym after the office, but you didn’t bring your gym clothes. So you go home to change, and before you know it, you’re posted on the couch mindlessly munching on stale pita chips. To avoid the temptation of skipping the gym, pack your bag before work and stash your sneakers and (perfectly rolled) leggings at your desk. Seriously, just getting yourself to a workout is the hardest part.

weightloss slow


You know when you’re so hungry that you basically inhale your food in five seconds flat? Yeah, that’s not so great. Your brain needs time to process feeling full, and the only way to combat this type of unnecessary overeating is to take your time. Try chewing each bite around 25 times, making specific note of how the food tastes. Also make sure to put your fork down multiple times during each meal to avoid the whole shoveling thing. 

weightloss toothbrush


Admit it: How many nights, after a perfectly satisfying dinner, do you end up rummaging through the refrigerator not an hour later? We’re certainly guilty of that. And we’re usually not even hungry. To discourage p.m. grazing, brush your teeth right after you finish dinner. Because nothing tastes worse than anything tinged with artificial mint.

weightloss sleep


Sounds simple enough, but all too often we find ourselves three episodes deep in a House of Cards binge with only five hours before we?ve got to get up again. Sleep isn?t something to skimp on, though. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, just a few nights of sleep deprivation can lead to almost immediate weight gain.

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