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6 Tips Women with Oily Skin Need to Know

December 20, 2018

While most ladies are actively highlighting their faces to make themselves look more dewy, those of us with oily skin are busy soaking up the slick of shine on our foreheads and chins (every minute of every day). Here, six tips we’ve picked up along the way that help keep everything in check.

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Use a Toner

Toners get such a bad rap for being too harsh on skin, but for those of us with excess oil, they’re actually a godsend. Just look for something that’s alcohol-free and use it after cleansing to ensure that you’re starting off with a clean slate each morning.

Exfoliate Regularly

Oily skin tends to build up dead cells more easily—which is why exfoliating often is key to keeping your complexion clear. A gentle, chemical exfoliant (like salicylic acid) will help to remove any surface oils and make everything feel smoother and look less oily overall.

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Moisturize Strategically 

Fact: Even those of us with greasy complexions get dehydrated. In fact, skipping moisturizer can cause your skin to produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of it. Stick to oil-free formulas or lightweight gels to get the hydration you need (without messing with your makeup).

And Reverse the Way You Apply It
Most people start at the center of their faces and work their way out toward the edges. This ends up putting the majority of your lotion on your T-zone (an area that’s prone to greasiness anyway). Instead, start along the perimeter of your face and work your way in with any remaining moisturizer.

Blot Before You Put on Any Makeup
Now that you’ve moisturized, sop up any extra oil by patting a blotting sheet over your skin before starting your makeup routine. This way you get an even canvas for application (and a longer lasting base).

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Use Primer Before and After Makeup

You already know the powers of prepping your skin with primer, but it’s also super effective as a finishing step. After applying your foundation, tap a small amount of primer over your T-zone (or wherever you tend to get greasiest) to tamp down any shine and set your makeup in place without having to add another layer of powder (which can make things look heavy).

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

In general, steer clear of anything that says “dewy” or “luminous” on the label. The same goes for any highlighters or powders with too much shimmer in them. Instead look for key words like “oil-free,” “matte” or “translucent” and opt for powders, gels and lightweight liquids over heavier creams.

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