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5 Ways to Brighten Your Eyes and Look More Awake

June 09, 2017

Have you ever looked in the mirror to find your eyes shockingly swollen and dull-looking? There are any number of causes for your lackluster eyes—from that salty meal you indulged in to the movie you sobbed over the night before. And even though your eyes will generally return to normal eventually, what do you do if you have a meeting or lunch plans in 30 minutes and your eyes still look like you just rolled out of bed? Good news: There are plenty of clever strategies to return your eyes to their gorgeous status, and stat. Watch the video to learn eye-brightening tricks that will help you instantly look fresher and more awake. 

Use anti-aging eye cream: Give your eyes a lift with the help of some quality eye cream. Begin by applying a pea-sized dab of the formula to your ring finger. Then gently tap it along orbital bone and brow bone. Just be sure not to pull the skin around your eyes, since this will hurt, not help your eye problems!

De-Puff your skin: You can try caffeine-based skin-tightening cream as another treatment option. Use the cooling applicator to ease swelling around your eyes.

Get thicker lashes: Make your eyes pop with the help of bold, beautiful lashes. Just be sure to opt for a conditioning mascara in basic black. The dyes in color formulas can cause irritation, especially if you have extra sensitive eyes.

Wear Sunglasses: Sporting a pair of stylish shades not only looks good and offers a quick fix when your eyes are puffy, but it also protects your eyes from sun damage.

Phone a friend: Nothing makes eyes sparkle more than connecting with loved ones

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