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5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Take Supplements

January 01, 2019

If you think living a healthy lifestyle and eating a clean diet means you don’t need supplements –  guess again!

The surprising truth is that 90% of us have some form of nutrient deficiency, even if you do everything possible to stay healthy.1

To prove this point, I ran a micronutrient test on a group of my health guru buddies. All of them are known to have their nutrition and lifestyle habits dialed in – in fact, they’ve built their livelihoods on it!

When the tests came back, everyone had some gaps in their nutrient levels. It was clear that we can ALL benefit from some smart supplementation.

The great news is that adding supplements to your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to give your body everything it needs to help you look and feel your best!

When you understand all of the reasons why you can no longer get all of the nutrients you need from your diet, I think you’ll be as motivated as I am to be consistent with this simple health habit.

Adding supplements to your daily routine can reap huge benefits for your health and add years to your life! Here are the top 5 reasons why supplements are so essential:

1) The Low-Nutrient Standard American Diet

If you walk through your local grocery store, most of the foods you’ll find are in boxes, plastic wrap, or cans. Fast food restaurants are doing brisk business, and vending machines make soda and blue sports drinks easily accessible to busy people.

It’s no wonder we have an epidemic of chronic illness and obesity with the Standard American Diet! (That’s “SAD,” for short…)

Most processed foods are stripped of nutrients, so you’re not able to get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to thrive. As a result, we are a nation of nutrient-deficient people, and we need supplements to make it right.

2) Nutrient Depletion of Soil & Crops

The soil used to grow our crops has been over-farmed and saturated with pesticides, so our fruits and vegetables lose more nutrition content with every harvest.

Thanks to modern farming techniques, studies show the nutrient density of our fruits and vegetables has decreased significantly from half a century ago.2

We’ve traded high-volume production for our health.

To put this into perspective, you need to eat eight oranges to get the same amount of vitamins that used to be in one orange from your grandparents’ generation!

Here’s why: Pesticides that protect our crops from bugs also train our produce to be weak.

Fruits and veggies create healthy phytonutrients and polyphenols as a natural form of self-preservation. Pesticides mean they don’t need that preservation, so we also miss the benefits of these nutrients when we eat them.

As if these causes of nutrient depletion aren’t bad enough, fruits and vegetables are typically harvested before they’re fully ripe, then transported long distances through air-polluted traffic to get to the grocery store weeks later.

So, by the time you pick your fruits or vegetables out from the grocery bin, they’ve already lost a lot of nutritional value. Smart supplements can replace what’s missing.

3) Toxins in Your Food & Environment

We live in the most toxic environment the modern world has ever seen!

The average person is exposed to 84,000 different chemicals each day.3 You need an additional boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just to help your body get rid of those chemicals and maintain your health.

Toxins can be found in cleaning products, plastic water bottles, personal care products, and mercury dental fillings, just to name a few sources.

Our foods are also laden with artificial colors and preservatives, chemical additives like MSG, and artificial sweeteners. Our drinking water is full of all sorts of toxic organisms and chemicals, including fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, and even traces of pharmaceuticals!4

Simply put, it’s impossible to get through an average day without constant toxic exposure.

These harmful chemicals and substances affect your immune system, hormones, gut microbiome, and more.

Supplements are necessary to fight off the negative effects of daily exposure to toxins by supporting your liver, immune system, gut lining, and brain health!

4) Decreased Ability to Absorb Nutrients

Even the healthiest, most nutrient-rich diet can’t help you if you’re unable to break down and absorb the foods you eat.

Unfortunately, after the age of 35, you tend to produce fewer digestive enzymes, the compounds responsible for preparing your food to be digested and used for nourishment.

That’s why most of us need some supplemental support to help digest our food, so we can access the health-giving nutrients from the foods we eat.

About 50% of us are also taking at least one form of medication, which can cause nutrient deficiencies.5 In fact, my good friend, Hyla Cass, wrote an entire book about how medications can block your ability to absorb nutrients and cause additional health issues.

For example, statins used for treating high cholesterol are known to deplete CoQ10, while the type 2 diabetes drug metformin has been proven to greatly reduce your body’s folic acid and B12 levels – that can wreak havoc on everything from your digestion to your mood!6

That one-two punch of age and medication is accompanied by the reality of modern living: constant stress.

Today’s fast-paced, 24-hour digital lifestyle tends to be super hectic, which also taxes your adrenals and hormones. As a result, you need more nutrients to adapt.

Smart supplementation can support your stress hormones, balance your mood, and help you sleep better to restore and repair after a long day.

5) To Support Your Gut Microbiome

Your gut microbiome houses about 70% of your immune system, so you really want to keep it healthy!7

The healthy flora in your digestive tract affect every aspect of your wellbeing, from your mood to sleep patterns – even your sex drive! And because the modern diet, medication use, stress, and age can all deplete the healthy bacteria in your gut, it’s vital that you replenish them.

The easiest way is to choose a daily diet rich in fermented foods. However, many of those same foods contain dairy, high levels of histamine, and other compounds that can be hard on your system; making fermented foods yourself can also be time-consuming.

So I choose to take a powerful probiotic every day instead! 

It’s different than many others because it contains a variety of gut flora – crucial to maintaining a healthy gut. It also has the prebiotics you need to fuel and nourish the healthy probiotic cultures.

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