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10 Genius Ways To Add More Turmeric To Your Life

June 30, 2017

Now that fresh turmeric root is showing up in regular grocery stores at an affordable price, you might be inspired to buy some. And then a week later you realize you don't know how to use up that much turmeric.

Never fear! Below, I share 10 ways to use fresh turmeric, plus some handling tips.

Handling tips

Turmeric will stain everything. Your hands, your clothes, your counter, your cutting board, your grater, and your food processor. Plan accordingly.

I have a dedicated grater and cutting board for turmeric, and I now wear gloves and an apron if I'm going to be grating it. I don't bother peeling it; I just wash the outside and cut or grate.

Nutrition tip

The anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric are more bio-available if it's eaten with freshly grated black pepper and some type of healthy fat or oil.

1. Smoothies

Up the anti-inflammatory power of any smoothie recipe by grating some fresh turmeric into the blender. If you have a high-speed blender, you can simply add a chunk of turmeric to the mix.

2. Eggs

Grate into eggs or breakfast hash. I start every day with vegetable hash cooked in healthy fat and grate in a bit of fresh turmeric while it's cooking.

3. Salad

Grate turmeric on top of a fresh salad. It would blend in nicely with a grated carrot salad.

4. Soup

Grate into a detox soup, like this Carrot Turmeric + Ginger Soup, or add with a handful of spinach to increase the nutrition in canned soup.

5. Coleslaw

Grate into a healthier spin on coleslaw made with apple cider vinegar and yogurt dressing instead of mayo.

6. Grains

Grate into the cooking water when making rice or quinoa.

7. Fancy drinks

Make a turmeric chai tea or sip a turmeric latte.

8. Medicinal honey

Make anti-inflammatory medicinal honey by mixing it with turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. I use this to sweeten decaf green tea as well as yogurt bowls.

9. Butter

Make a compound butter with a golden turmeric touch.

10. Curries

Grate into any curry, like a fish chowder or a vegan chickpea masala curry.

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